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LONDON – 20-21 NOVEMBER 2023


NEW YORK – 23-24 OCTOBER 2023




SYDNEY – 17-18 OCTOBER 2023




Our Mining Investment Packages

Our Packages are Specifically Tailored to Suit You.

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Bronze Package

Daily 4%

  • Investment $500-$4999
  • Capital Back Yes
  • Return Type Period
  • Number of Period 90 Times
  • Profit Withdraw Anytime
* Friday, Saturday are Holidays
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Silver Package

Daily 5%

  • Investment $5000-$24999
  • Capital Back Yes
  • Return Type Period
  • Number of Period 60 Times
  • Profit Withdraw Anytime
* No Profit Holidays
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Gold Package

Daily 6%

  • Investment $25000-$49999
  • Capital Back Yes
  • Return Type Period
  • Number of Period 60 Times
  • Profit Withdraw Anytime
* No Profit Holidays
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Diamond Package

Daily 7%

  • Investment $50000-$99999
  • Capital Back Yes
  • Return Type Period
  • Number of Period 60 Times
  • Profit Withdraw Anytime
* No Profit Holidays
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Platinum Package

Daily 8%

  • Investment $100000-$1000000
  • Capital Back Yes
  • Return Type Period
  • Number of Period 60 Times
  • Profit Withdraw Anytime
* No Profit Holidays
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Available withdrawal after 30 Days

Complete AI

Daily 10%

  • Investment $1000-$50000
  • Capital Back Yes
  • Return Type Period
  • Number of Period 3 Times
  • Profit Withdraw Anytime
* No Profit Holidays
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Besides our juicy returns and events, here are reasons why you should invest with us.


Swift Transactions

Our platform offers fast and swift transactions.


Amazing ROI

We offer high and realistic returns on your investments.


Referral Level System

You can make a lot of money with us by referring investors to our platform.


Secure Transactions

Our platform is fully secured and profits paid out swiftly, as and at when due.

Faq Questions

Answers to some questions that you may have

Our company invests in a diverse range of mining companies and projects, including precious metals, base metals, and industrial minerals. We focus on projects with strong fundamentals, experienced management teams, and attractive growth potential.

We use a rigorous due diligence process to evaluate potential investments, which includes analyzing geological data, reviewing technical reports, assessing management teams, and evaluating the financial viability of the project. We also consider factors such as jurisdiction, infrastructure, and environmental and social risks.

Our investment strategy is to identify high-quality mining projects with strong growth potential and to provide capital and expertise to help advance these projects. We aim to create long-term value for our shareholders/investors through capital appreciation and, where appropriate, dividend income.

We manage risks through a combination of careful project selection, thorough due diligence, and ongoing monitoring of our investments. We also diversify our portfolio across different commodities, stages of development, and geographic regions to reduce concentration risk.

We are committed to responsible investment practices and believe that strong ESG performance is essential for long-term value creation. We integrate ESG considerations into our investment process and actively engage with our portfolio companies to promote best practices in areas such as environmental management, community relations, and corporate governance.

We provide capital and expertise to help advance mining projects through various stages of development, from exploration to production. This may include providing financing for exploration programs, feasibility studies, permitting, and construction. We also leverage our industry relationships and experience to support our portfolio companies in areas such as strategic planning, technical advice, and stakeholder engagement.

Our company has a successful track record of investing in and supporting the development of mining projects. Our management team and Account managers has extensive industry experience and a strong network of relationships, which enables us to identify attractive investment opportunities and create value for our shareholders/investors.

Investors can participate in our mining investments by purchasing packages of our company on our website This provides exposure to a diversified portfolio of mining projects and allows investors to benefit from our expertise in identifying and managing attractive investment opportunities.

Our dividend policy is to distribute a portion of our net income to shareholders/investors, subject to the availability of sufficient distributable reserves and the approval of our board of directors. The specific dividend payout ratio may vary depending on factors such as our financial performance, capital requirements, and investment opportunities.

We are committed to transparent and timely communication with our investors and the broader market. We provide regular updates on our investment activities, financial performance, and strategic initiatives through press releases, quarterly and annual reports, and investor presentations. We also participate in 1-2-1 conferences and host investors and Mining companies conference calls to have a close discussion and also answer questions from the investment community at large.

Investors from different countries may want to deposit or withdraw funds. Traditional banking systems can be slow and expensive, especially for international transactions, which often involve currency conversion and multiple intermediaries. Cryptocurrency transactions, on the other hand, can be completed within minutes or even seconds, depending on the network's congestion and the specific cryptocurrency being used. This speed is particularly beneficial for investors who need to react quickly to market changes or capitalize on new investment opportunities.

Your funds are distributed in a smart mining contract. The smart mining contract is public, officially verified and checked by third-party auditors. You can withdraw your funds from the pool on demand.

Your personal data is securely protected. Login to the system is only possible via email. The databases are encrypted with AES-256 protection. It ensures complete security even in the case of hacking. Our service does not require KYC and does not store user data, uses CDN, SSL and is protected from DDoS attacks. To ensure 100% trouble-free operation of our system, servers are located all over the world, which allows you to decentralize the system and minimize the risk of hacking.

All the transactions are managed by an independent and autonomous WRS algorithm with decentralized management. The administration cannot use the users' funds for its own purposes.

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Our Events

The 121 Mining Investment global event series connects junior resource companies and investors for 1-2-1, private in-person and online meetings.

Connecting mining CEOs & funds 1-2-1

The 121 Mining Investment global event series connects portfolio managers and analysts from institutional funds, private equity groups and family offices with mining company management teams for 1-2-1, private in-person and online meetings. With each edition featuring two-days of 1-on-1 meetings matching projects to investment capital, conference programmes packed with market intelligence and investment ideas, and participation limited to investment professionals and mining executives, the 121 Mining Investment series offers a highly efficient use of your time and resources. Our ever-expanding global portfolio currently covers London, New York, Cape Town, Las Vegas, Frankfurt, Sydney, Singapore, Melbourne and Hong Kong, as well as online editions throughout the year. Whether you are an investor looking for exciting new projects, or a mining company hoping to raise capital and make new connections, 121 Mining Investment is THE premier forum to make it happen.

A proven track record

121 Mining Investment events connect portfolio managers and analysts from institutional funds, private equity groups and family offices with mining company management teams, both online and in-person.

Our 2022 events in numbers


Mining Companies


Investors taking meetings


1-2-1 meetings between mining companies and investors


Meetings on average per company

Our Account Managers

Over 50 years of combined investor relations experience

Christine Wootliff

15+ years' working in natural resource sector.

Christine joined 121 Group in January 2017 where she oversees all client accounts. In her role she connects and positions clients with institutional investors, family offices and analysts to create awareness and source capital in a highly competitive marketplace. Before moving to China and Hong Kong in 2009 Christine began her career in IR in 2005 with Imagination Global Investor Communications, helping several large-cap companies to list on the London and Hong Kong stock exchanges. She also worked for Novatek, Russia's largest independent gas producer and was responsible for Investor Relations and Financial PR in the company's London office. Languages: German, Russian, English, Mandarin and Polish

Anna Michiniewicz

17 years' of experience in the metals and mining sector sector.

Started in 2005 working in mining Equity Research with Canaccord, Ambrian and other London-based specialist brokers. Followed by 6 years in Financial Public Relations supporting small and mid-cap mining companies with their communications strategies. Most recently focusing on investor relations, providing access to investment communities. Languages: English, Polish, Spanish

Jen Earle

14 years' experience in the natural resource sector.

Previous roles have included in-house IR/comms for four listed junior mining companies as well as six years for a FTSE 250 oil and gas company. Contributed to two IPOs on AIM and has extensive experience in reporting requirements for LSE/ASX/TSX listings. Languages: English, French

Akin Tse

4 years' experience in investor relations and acqusition

4 years previous sales and account management experience in capital markets events for Financial media and mining events. Worked in Haymarket Media (for FinanceAsia and AsianInvestor) and Beacon Events (Mines & Money) in Hong Kong. Languages: English, Cantonese

Mary Leung

Over 6 years in corporate access and investor relations across all sectors

Started in 2016 working for corporate access equity markets/ IBD division with Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank, and Goldman Sachs. Has managed and executed summits and corporate days with 1000+ investors and 200+ corporates; involved in investor outreach for the deal and non-deal roadshows. Most recently focusing on IR strategic planning and providing access to investor communities Languages: English, Mandarin, Cantonese

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